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April 21, 2014 : The Biewer Terrier is now officially a recognized breed by the AKC Foundation Stock Service
Biewer vs. Parti Yorkie

There has been a constant debate over whether this breed is a unique pure breed of its own or a Yorkshire Terrier with a recessive gene responsible for the color. There has also been some debate over the breeds name, Biewer Terrier, Biewer, Biewer ala pom pon, or Biewer Yorkshire. There are also some that claim that each name and theory about this breed are all one in the same. Well let me explain the differences and why they are NOT one in the same. The history of this breed is a nice story that cannot be verified, plain and simple. We know that Mr. and Mrs. Biewer did produce these dogs in Germany and the Biewers were Yorkie breeders but recent research, specifically research about the color, has revealed that the gene that gives these dogs their unique color is a type of piebald gene that DOES NOT OCCUR IN YORKSHIRE TERRIERS. Furthermore, the color gene found in Biewers is a different color gene than that found in most Parti-yorkies. (CLICK HERE TO SEE ARTICLE) So what does this tell us? It tells us that there is no doubt that in the beginning, there had to be another breed introduced to the Yorkshire Terrier, no disputing this now.  This was either done intentionally or unintentionally by Mr. Biewer or the dogs he aquired were not exactly what he thought they were. In either case, in Germany, there was a quick interest in these tri-color dogs and many breeders tried to get them from the Biewers, some were successful, some were not. In the years between Mr Biewers introduction of this breed to the world and the importation to the USA many breeders in Germany tried to duplicate what the Biewers had, either by breeding a Biewer with who knows what or crossing yorkies to who knows what. Unfortunately, when breeders started to import these dogs to the USA, some of these mixes were sent with falsified paperwork and some breeders did not get what they thought they were getting. When the BTCA worked with MARS Veterinary to develop the genetic marker for the Biewer Terrier the breeders submitted their dogs blood samples for testing. Some of the dogs results showed that they were indeed Biewer Terriers while others had rather strange results. Some were mixed breeds with results showing large percentages of many other breeds. These mixes were removed from the breeding programs and the breeders were left with a gene pool of pure Biewer Terriers. There are other clubs that call their dogs Biewers or Biewer ala Pom Pons or Biewer Yorkies and these clubs state that their dogs are no different from the dogs of the BTCA because they have common ancestry and some came from the very same litters out of Germany. Unfortunately, these other clubs do not believe in the MARS testing and have not tested their dogs. This means that the litter mates of the mixes that the BTCA discovered and removed were left in the breeding programs of the other breeders. Also, some of these other groups believe in crossing Biewers and Yorkies resulting in nothing more than a mixed breed dog. This means that ONLY Biewer Terrier Registry of America, BTRA registered dogs can be proven as pure bred Biewer Terriers. As reflected in the AKC standard a true Biewer Terrier should only  be and produce tri-color pups of  Black/Blue, Tan/Gold and White or Chocolate, Tan and White. The Biewer Terriers pattern is also consistent whereas a Part-Yorkie is not. Parti-Yorkies can have white or color anywhere on the dog but a Biewer Terrier only has color on the head and patches on the body with absolutely white legs, chest and underside as well as the tip of the tail.  So as you can see, there are very real differences between the various groups and breeding practices. Do your homework and make sure you know what you're getting before you buy your little baby.